ezConnectionToCash Financial Services 

We Deliver Personal Funding Programs To Qualified individules
Committed To Achieving Their Financial Objectives!


All of our Corporations are ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY DOWN. With qualified credit! 


Aged Pre-Existing Corporations
All of our Corporations are ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY DOWN. Pay Nothing Upfront!

You can purchase a pre-existing corporation from us NO MONEY DOWN!

Call today and ask about pricing! This program has very limited availability!

This is what we offer no money down:

*2 to 30 Year Old Corporation

*Up to 275K in Funding per round Based on your Credit and Funding Type

*Professional Corporate Kit

*Articles of Incorporation

*EIN Number

                                                                                 *Corporate Resolutions (in applicable states)

                                                                                 *Certificate of Good Standing

                                                                                 *Up to 100k in primary tradelines that report to EXPERIAN Business, 

                                                                                   EQUIFAX Business and Pay Net

                                                                                 *80 Paydex Engineering Manual to get an 80 Paydex in 45 Days

                                                                                 *20-30 days is the time frame for funding

                                                                                 *All Fees Paid on the Backend




We have the best tradelines available to get your FICO score to the highest possible. We have both Authorize User and Primary 
Tradelines that post to your report quickly, These are aged 3 years and older, with low DTI (debt to Income Ratio). Tradelines 
are vital to getting your credit score high. Contact us for pricing and further details.